The styles of persuasion

The world needs great ideas

So to summarize what needs to happen in order to persuade is that you have to relax the other person. In order for them to listen to you, you must seem like a trustworthy party, all depending on the experiences of their brain.

Examining people who are able to make others feel at ease and win them over, there seem to be three different groups. We call them the  three styles of persuasion: Authority, Friend and Role model. They are able to make us feel relaxed and open up to their idea.

If we are highly involved, we will be prepared to consider their advice or opinion and take it on board if needs be. And in matters where our involvement level is low, we will be prepared to accept their advice or opinion directly and without hesitation.

In that case our intellect is more concerned with matters that we consider to be more important to us and we are prepared to trust the judgment of another.

For example, I had no qualms about paying the local mechanic $1,658 for a new driveshaft for my car after he said that it needed replacing. I didn’t even bother to ask him what a driveshaft is or does. People who, in our eyes, have one of these three styles are adept at making us feel at ease and winning our trust.

Authority ©
Someone we trust because we regard them as an expert or as a person of influence — one who has an excellent overall picture of a particular subject or situation.

Friend ©
A person whose opinion we respect because we think or know they will not try to trick us into something and only ever have our best interests at heart.

Role model ©
Someone we regard as being special — cool, unique, disruptive, creative, stimulating. We trust them to know what is hip and happening, how to act and what to choose.

We can persuade others by winning their trust as a Friend, Authority or Role Model. The same applies tour products, services and business enterprises

where these styles are used to devise strategies in relation to personal branding, framing and marketing.

Do you want to know more? In the book you will read in detail exactly what makes someone an Authority, Friend or Role Model in the  eyes of others. By using these  best practices you can boost your charisma.

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