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The world needs great ideas

Pacelle loves revealing the secrets of  true persuasion.  She is praised for her sound logic, great  energy and amazingly simple yet effective and ready-to-use insights.

Chockfull of interaction and fun exercises you will never forget.

The logic of persuasion and charisma in one session.

Her method of persuasion has been widelly praised and is used by many trainers and  people we all admire.


  • time to dispel the myths
  • the essentials of persuasion psychology
  • the styles of persuasion
  • experiment to reveal personal styles
  • the tactics of world leaders and our children, films and exercises
  • amazing non-verbal and voice techniques
  • how to use all of your charisma and the charisma of your business, your product or your services.

Catering to  both the specific qualities and challenges of persuasion in the  professional setting of the attendees,  together we create the content for the seminar, workshop or lecture.

  • ‘I’ve come to know Pacelle as a warm, charismatic, inspiring speaker who understands both the art and science of persuasion. She brilliantly captures the lessons about how to persuade and inspire’

    Jon Favreau Former Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama
  • ‘Pacelle helps you to discover your inner king and your natural persuasive talents’

    Ben Tiggelaar Leadership expert
  • ‘Outstanding speaker’

    Hans Groen Founder Theatercolleges
  • ‘Astounding speaker’

    Richard Kemper Theatre producer and comedian
  • The diamond of the day’

    Otto Seijler Nutreco