True Persuasion – The Logic of Charisma



The power to persuade – the definitive guide

Finally, just when we all thought that persuasion and charisma are only for those blessed with some magical gene or are simply a matter of pushing the right buttons, along comes book that provides a jaw-dropping explanation of how persuasion and charisma actually work. Based on massive research. Used and recommended by people we admire. The logical how-to guide that will make you and your message irresistible.

Time to dispel some myths. this book will make us rethink everyting we thought we knew about persuasion.

  • REVEALING THE SECRET: How persuasion works in the brain
  • YOU’VE GOT IT IN YOU, WHY NOT USE IT: Keys to effortless charisma
  • YOUR IDEAS SHOULD BE HEARD: Tactics of world leaders (and our children)

This book is a goldmine, Prof. Dr. Robert Cialdini

Convincing ***** De Volkskant

This is a great book, Jan Kees de Jager, CFO KPN and Former Dutch Minister of Finance

Drs. Pacelle van Goethem MSc is regarded as the foremost authority on persuasion in the Netherlands.

In this book she presents a revolutionary model of the psychology of persuasion and a compelling method for (extra) charisma. She describes exactly what you and your ideas need in order to persuade. The standard on persuasion and a bestseller, 25th edition, since it was first published in Holland. This international edition includes new insights and even more useful tips.

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