• Pacelle van Goethem Founder

    What inspires me most is helping people to come forward with their ideas. And to that end, charisma is a great means.

    Mr. Assen, the headmaster of my primary school, had it in abundance. He was a wonderful mix  of John Wayne and Don Corleone. And he was a terrific teacher. A great starting point in my search for the secret of charisma.

    I love helping people to use all of their charisma. Be it their personal charisma, or the charisma of their message, their organization, product or service.

  • Merel de Graaf
      Merel de Graaf Personal Assistant

      I would be nowhere without my little black book.
      My inspiration comes from all the passionate people around me.

    • Wendelina Fieret
        Wendelina Fieret Marketing & Communication
      • Melle Kleisma
          Melle Kleisma IT

          What inspires me?
          Diving into something and getting to the bottom of it.