• Pacelle van Goethem Founder

    What inspires me most is helping people to come forward with their ideas. And to that end, charisma is a great means.

    Mr. Assen, the headmaster of my primary school, had it in abundance. He was a wonderful mix  of John Wayne and Don Corleone. And he was a terrific teacher. A great starting point in my search for the secret of charisma.

    I love helping people to use all of their charisma. Be it their personal charisma, or the charisma of their message, their organization, product or service.

  • Merel de Graaf
      Merel de Graaf Personal Assistant

      I would be nowhere without my little black book.
      My inspiration comes from all the passionate people around me.

    • Wendelina Fieret
        Wendelina Fieret Marketing & Communication
      • Melle Kleisma
          Melle Kleisma IT

          What inspires me?
          Diving into something and getting to the bottom of it.

        • ‘Next level! '

          Jeroen Schutte Manager SaySimple & Informaxion
        • Spot on and full of new insights!

          I was surprised that my oldest son, a digital native, asked me about what it actually takes to be charismatic and how it works in companies. I could just elaborate on the explanations in van Goethems' newest book. Spot on and so very relevant!

          Erica Goedegebuure, Client Relation Europe at Regina Coeli
        • Verleiding

          Pacelle is een geboren verteller en weet als geen ander op een compleet natuurlijke manier overtuiging en verleiding aan elkaar te verbinden. Met True Persuation geeft Pacelle de lezer de sleutel tot de schatkamer.

          AnneTjerk Mante, Public Relations Official at Ministry of Finance

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