Online Persuasion

Breaking through the lens

by Pacelle van Goethem

Online conferencing and videocalls require all of our persuasive powers.
Learn how to be persuasive on-screen in one session.
Get the best tips on online persuasion, on how to connect and make use of your voice,
on how to get and maintain attention, and on how to present and be successful in
complex conversations. To get others on board.
Personal Session or Team Session 120 min.


About Online Persuasion

Use the magic of successful online persuaders

In this session you or your team will learn all about non-verbal communication on screen. How to make an impact in videoconferences, meetings and presentations. Get hands-on supertips for persuasive presentations.

Try out and practice insights in quick exercises.

About the True Persuasion Method

The True Persuasion Method© is based on research into the psychology of persuasion and the logic of charisma. Find out exactly how to enhance your style, both face-to-face and online.

What you will learn

  1. The best practices of great on-screen communication: Making an impact online. Connecting through a lens. Enhancing your personal style
  2. Getting and maintaining attention: The best nonverbal and voice (hypnose) techniques
  3. Complex conversations, Interacting, Presenting and Getting people on board

Personal questions, Cases

Individually or With a group

We work online, individually or with a group. Both setup and method allow you to get information fast and immediately test and practice tips. We will do lots of short exercises individually or in breakout rooms.

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