IMPACT Masterclass

The best techniques for body language and voice in one day

The best techniques for body language & voice (dutch edition)

with Harry Piekema and Pacelle van Goethem

How do you have impact and touch others with your ideas.

Harry Piekema and Pacelle van Goethem give you all the insights in body, voice, relaxation, intuition, speaking and improvisation. Working hard, laughing hard, learn a lot.

Fee: €733,00 (excl. VAT)

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  • ‘I’ve come to know Pacelle as a warm, charismatic, inspiring speaker who understands both the art and science of persuasion. She brilliantly captures the lessons about how to persuade and inspire’

    Jon Favreau Former Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama
  • ‘Pacelle helps you to discover your inner king and your natural persuasive talents’

    Ben Tiggelaar Leadership expert
  • ‘Outstanding speaker’

    Hans Groen Founder Theatercolleges
  • ‘Astounding speaker’

    Richard Kemper Theatre producer and comedian
  • The diamond of the day’

    Otto Seijler Nutreco
  • ‘Even better than the book'

    Dennis Michels Manager KPN Wholesale
  • 'Top. Like being taken through a transition'

    Joline Vriens Business Consultant VisitBrabant Conventions
  • ‘The most sought-after coach’

    Robert Cialdini Influence expert
  • Secret revealed

    We’ve all been seating on the secret True Persuation all our lives, mostly not knowing were to look for it. Pacelle helps us standing up and make us “look down”. We all got the mighty persuation power in us and she shows us crisp en clear how to the unlease it and than use it to our benifit. Thanks for this books Pacelle, you have done a great job (again) and i’m sure it will help many people, as it did me!! Best regards, Toon

    Toon van Tol, Strategist at Comstratos
  • This book is a goldmine

    I have known Pacelle for years. I've heard her present, and she is superb. She understands the persuasion process deeply. And this book is a goldmine of ideas, hints, tips, that you can use to become more persuasive. I highly recommend it.

    Robert Cialdini Professor of Psychology and Marketing, Arizone State University, Author of Influence

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