written by Yara Mureau on 12 november 2018 | 14:30

You undoubtedly heard that Michelle Obama just launched her book ‘Becoming’. One of her few interviews was in New York with Jildou van der Bijl and Antoinette Scheulderman of the Dutch leading magazine LINDA. The interview will be in LINDA’s December Issue. Yara Mureau of LINDA.NU asked Pacelle about Michelle’s charisma.

We called Pacelle van Goethem, writer and speaker on the essence of persuasion, about the charisma and speechtalent of the former first lady. What is it that makes her so special?

Michelle Obama is praised for her touching and striking speeches. what is it that makes her so good?

“What she does so well is the fact that she doesn’t júst give speeches. She obviously takes the stage just like her husband. That is unique in itself, since there have only been a handful of women taking the stage next to their presidential partner. Apart from that she has this very strong media presence, she Twitters and appears on televisionshows.”

According to you, what is her greatest quality?

“In fact it is three things. She is very likeable, she is strong and she is a role model. She is amazing, an African American woman being embraced and loved throughout the whole world.   What makes her so likeableis the fact that she always speaks about other people. She talks i.e. about her husband and her daughters, not so much in terms of ‘me, and addresses all her attention on others, not on herself. Next to that she is very approachable and seems to be just like us. Een second thing is her authority. She is considered to be one of Barack’s main advisers. She is a very intelligent, strong woman. And in delivering her speeches she projects authority, because she does it in such a relaxed way. And finally, she is cool.Ze dares to take a stand, sticking her neck out and has a wonderful sense of perspective and humor. In the show of Ellen Degeneres post-White House she said: Don’t think that I look like this all the time.. “ I got all gussied-up to be here”. That is both sympathetic ánd cool. “

Is that the main thing?

‘ Yes, I think so. She is not just the warm woman standing by her man like many of the first ladies, she also steps into the lime-light and addresses important themes. You can’t help liking her. Ze has this incredible charisma because she is kind and wise, but she can also see things in perspective and not take everything so seriously. Just check out her carpoolkaraoke with James Corden. She just does it, and she rocks.’.

Is there anything the former first lady could do better?

“ Guess I would say: run for president. No, I don’t think she should change anything. I do hope that she will continue to be a global presence and join the debate. That she and Barack will not just stop their wonderful work to enjoy their free time. She sends so much hope and optimism into the world. She has a strong inclusive message. She shows the best version of herself as a great role model. She is one of the most inspiring people we have heard and seen in the last decade.

First Lady Melania Trump made headlines in 2016 because she allegedly seemed to have copied a speech of Michelle. what did you think then?

“I thought a lot of things. First of all: Melania would definitely not want to copy anything. Obviously we read and hear much in the media that might inspire us without us knowing where exactly we got it from. I think Melania in retrospect will have regretted using these specific words, especially since in this time and age many are searching for plagiarisms. Of course she did not set out to copy anyone, let alone Michelle Obama”.

You are an expert in the field of persuasion and persuasive power, do you consider the obama’s to be the best speechers in the world?

‘Indeed I know little people that are so incredibly good. Charisma is in all of us, but the fine art is to be able to also use it when we are on stage. Just try to relax, it is truly admirable and amazing.

Do you have any tips for people who want to persuade others?

“Like Michelle and Barack, have a positive and optimistic message. Make your message be about others and dare to take a different stand. There is so much more to expect from the Obama’s. In fact I think we are only just entering an Obama-era. Malia and Sasha will unquestionally take their turn as well, so we have lots to look forward to”.

Stay tuned for more Michelle Mania. To original article.

Michelle Obama en Antoinette Scheulderman. Photo: Linda

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