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All about the science ánd the art of persuasion. Insights in the psychology of persuading and how it really works. Obama blazed the trail and learned to use his charisma. No guts no glory: Use all of your persuasive powers and those of your organisation.

Pacelle is author, researcher, coach and speaker. She helps people, teams and organisations to use all of their charisma and successfully convey their vision. Her Model of Influence©, Model of Persuasion© and the Styles of Persuasion© offer clear insight in the psychology of persuasion. The True Persuasion© method offers a logical method to persuasion, based on research.

Also for you? Her clients are professionals, leaders and organisations in finance, legal, tax, compliance, arts, health, law, science, media, government & politics.

Pacelle in the Podcast of European Speechwriter Network at Oxford, Cambridge.

Over 180 groups. Come to the Masterclass and learn to use all of your charisma and persuasive powers.

‘Next level’  Jeroen Schutte, Business Development & Key Accountmanager at Saysimple

‘Impressive’ Alexander van Ittersum, Expert Product Specialist at PGGM Investments

‘Super!’ Iris de Graaf, Strategist at Zoekhelden

April 1st we celebrated being in business for 10 years. Thank you Merel, Wendelina, Melle, Rembrand, Martine, Karin, Simone, Rosanne, Juliet, Monique and Jimmy.

`This book is a goldmine`

Robert Cialdini on Pacelle's book

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