Do you envy those people who persuade others seemingly effortless? Do you wish you could make such an impact with your ideas that others jump on board to embrace your vision?

Here is the good news. You don’t have to be named Ghandi, Obama, Ocasio-Cortez or Sheeran to become a true persuader. In two days time, you can discover and unlock the charisma you already have in you. With True Persuasion.

Leadership, change and challenging ideas require maximum charisma. Find out how to enhance your style and switch from one style to another, depending on the situation. How to make plans and arguments sound persuasive. And how to convincingly promote your service or organisation. Instantly improve your charisma and personal powers of persuasion. Fine-tune your ability to persuade others.

Pacelle van Goethem is a writer/researcher, coach and professional keynote speaker on persuasion, charisma, voice training and exerting influence. Her clients include influential companies and people from the highest levels of government and the corporate world.


Dutch Podcast on Business News Radio. Ben: “Pacelle van Goethem, expert op het gebied van beïnvloeding en overtuiging, legt uit wat charisma is en hoe je het ontwikkelt. Essentieel inzicht: het gaat er vooral om hoe ontspannen je bent.”



Free. Especially during the crisis. On Thursdaymornings. For you or your team. 30 mins. per Zoom or Skype. Send your question to: info@pacellevangoethem.nl (First come, first serve)



YOU’VE GOT IT IN YOU, WHY NOT USE IT.. Being able to persuade means making an impact and getting others on board with your vision. Learn how to use all of your charisma in two days. Charisma is not reserved for Gandhi and the Obama’s: Find out the logic and the method for true persuasion. 

Collegereeks Excelleren in vrouwelijk leiderschap

18th of May 2020

Vrouwen geven over het algemeen anders leiding dan mannen, dat is inmiddels duidelijk. Hoe zet je jouw vrouwelijke kwaliteiten, zoals communicatieve vaardigheden, inlevingsvermogen en een langere termijn focus, optimaal in?

Tijdens de collegereeks Excelleren in vrouwelijk leiderschap leren experts je de mogelijkheden om als vrouw invloed en leiderschap te krijgen en behouden.

Onzichtbaar Overtuigen

23rd of September 2020

Sommige mensen krijgen alles ‘gedaan’ bij anderen. Ze lijken een streepje voor te hebben, weten anderen feilloos voor hun plannen in te zetten en hoeven nooit te zeuren om een gunst. Hoe doen ze dat toch.

Masterclass Persuasion

Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of September 2020

Being able to persuade means making an impact and getting others on board with your vision. Learn how to use all of your charisma in two days.

Locatie: NH Sparrenhorst Nunspeet


“This book is a goldmine”

– Robert B. Cialdini, Author of Influence

“Don’t miss out on this book!”

– Jon Favreau, Former Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama

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